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Link Exchange Info

Contact: info {at} pluswomensfashions {dot} com

Do you have a website that is related to this site? If so and you would like to exchange links, here's how you do it:

(1) Please provide us with a 250 word or more unique content article that our readers would enjoy reading and we will review it. In addition to the article add a short paragraph at the end for your credit and link. Please send your article to the email near the top of this page. (Optionally we will be glad to create the article for you for $25. Just let us know what anchor text you would like for your link and we provide you with our PayPal email address to make payment.)

(2) If your article is approved we will post the article. Most articles are approved if they are on-topic, or on-theme with this site.

(3) Once posted, you will need to link to the article from your site on a page with a PageRank of 1 or higher.

Approved articles will be linked to from our home page under the “Information Articles” section where we will display the 10 most recent articles. As new articles come in the older articles will be moved to the appropriate sub-topic page.

Benefits of this Linking Strategy

(1) Your link will be found within the content of the page.
(2) Your link will be on a page with minimal outbound links.
(3) Your link will be on a site that fits your theme.
(4) Your link will be on a page that is optimized for your link (anchor) text.
(5) Your reciprocal link will help Google find your link faster.


Here is a list of other sites in our network that also accept article link exchanges:

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