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Accessories are one of the most fun things about fashion. Belts, jewelry, shoes, handbags, even hair, makeup, and nails all count as accessories, and they all add to your appearance. The simple look is definitely in, so remember not to overdo the accessories.

Scarves are one of the hottest trends right now. As a plus-size woman, make sure that you wear the scarf loose and long around the neck, giving the appearance of a slimmer, elongated look. Pair a printed scarf with a simple plain colored shirt. Too many patterns looks too busy, thus making the body look heavier.

Jewelry is always a fun accessory to wear, and there are so many options. Here are some jewelry tips that all follow similar "rules".

1. Necklaces- Plus-size women should look for medium-sized necklaces that are long or have a long pendant. A chunky necklace that is close to the neck will add heaviness, and a flimsy, small necklace will look disproportioned.

2. Rings- Large rings are very trendy and will help make the hand look smaller. But the same rules apply here. You don't want your ring to be overwhelming or
forgettable. Pick a medium size to compliment your body.

3. Watches- Think about the above mentioned tips when you are looking for a watch, also. Medium size is the way to go.

Handbags can compliment any ensemble, as well as body size. There are so many gorgeous ones to choose from, and if you are like me, you like a fashionable handbag without breaking the bank. Remember that size does matter when choosing your handbag. It is much easier to shop for a handbag in person rather than online, because you will be able to proportion the handbag to your body. Keep in mind that a small handbag will make a plus-size woman look very large. A longer, skinnier handbag will compliment the body. Also, a good tip for curvier women is to wear less busy clothes, but go for pops of color in your handbag.


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