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You are standing in your closet thinking "What should I wear?". You try on 50 different outfits before you leave the house. You don't feel comfortable in the outfit you chose. As a woman, I'm sure you have experienced all of the above. Well the answer is JEANS.

There are many websites and stores that now carry jeans specific to plus-size woman and their needs. Finding jeans online may be easy, but you may feel more comfortable trying them on before you buy. Look around at your favorite local stores, you may be surprised how many retailers carry plus sizes.

As a plus-size woman, the flare-leg jean will help proportion the hips and shoulders, thus making you look thinner. A dark wash jean and a nice heel will also help with a thinner look. The most important thing is to find a jean that fits properly. Many plus-size woman have problems with jeans “gapping” in the back, but they fit perfectly everywhere else. This problem is easily fixed with alterations. Also, stay away from any jeans that are low-rise, as this does not flatter a woman with curves. Pair your jeans with a great unbuttoned cardigan or blazer and belt to compliment your waist. With added accessories, you can take your favorite jeans from day at the park to night on the town.


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