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Plus Size Maternity Clothing Tips

Find great maternity clothes For Plus Size Women!

Becoming a mom can be one of the most exciting times in a woman's life. (I know it was for me.) Being a plus size pregnant woman, you want your maternity clothes to look flattering and stylish, and still fit properly and comfortably.

It is best to shop at stores that stock plus size maternity clothing. Touching and feeling the clothes sometimes helps with the decision process. Trying on the clothes will ensure that they fit properly and are still pleasing to your figure. Motherhood Maternity is a great place to start. They have a wide range of clothing from formal dresses to shorts and pants. They also have many "maternity necessities" such as undergarments, pajamas, belly bands, and anti-nausea candies. Target also carries plus size maternity wear.

The belly band is a great pregnancy “tool”. It is a band of material, worn around the waist, with many different jobs. Some women use it to disguise their protruding belly buttons, while others use it to hide the fact that they are wearing their pre-pregnancy jeans unbuttoned. I used the belly band when I was pregnant and I loved it!
Printed floral tops are very popular right now in maternity fashion, especially in plus sizes. Don’t be afraid to do color and print. Just remember to pair a more vibrant top with a more plain bottom.

The empire waist is definitely a friend to the pregnant curvier lady. The waist will hit just below your bust which is very flattering. Look for dresses and shirts with empire waists. Try to avoid unstructured attire, such as t-shirts. This will give you a shapeless top and make you look heavier. Embrace your curves and your baby bump and show them off!


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