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Plus Size Women's Pants to Impress!

End your shopping woes with our Online Plus Size Pants for Women Guide!

Finding flattering pants is mostly about finding the right pant shape for your body type.
Here are some tips for finding the fit that is right for you, and a few for those wanting to give the illusion that they are a bit slimmer than they really are.

Many plus size women have a pear shape or possibly an hourglass body type. Boot cut pants or flare cut pants usually looks best on these body types. Boot cut pants flare slightly at the ankle giving your body a more proportionate appearance. Flare cut pants flare more at the ankle than boot cut. Stay away from tapered narrow legs.

Straight leg pants are for those with larger upper bodies and smaller legs.

Colored bottoms will draw attention to that area. Darker solid colors will distract from this area.

Monochromatic tops and bottoms will give the appearance of being taller.

Here are some things to stay away from. Horizontal lines are not your friends. Big, wide belts to your pants would not be flattering either. Avoid the skinny jean trend. Never wear pleats. Pleats can visually make you look larger than you really are. Ultra low rise pants even if they are flare or boot cut can show too much of your undies.
Plus size women under 5'7 should never wear capri or crop pants since it makes you look shorter and less proportionate. Longer pants are always visually more slimming. Think about finding pants that fall at the mid-shoe level. When buying pants, think about the shoes you will most likely be wearing with them and try to judge the length accordingly. A pair of pants you wear with flats will appear too short when paired with heels.
As with anything in your wardrobe, a good fit is of great value. Choosing the right size is important for looking your best. If you wear your pants too tight or too loose you will be adding pounds to your visual line. So be sure you choose pants that skim the body (not hug, squeeze or hide the body). Don’t settle for something because it is on sale; always pick the piece that looks like it was made for you. In the long run it will pay off.


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