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Plus Size Skirts Style Ideas!

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As with all clothing, picking what looks good on you is the key. Body type determines everything. Here are a few tips for knowing what styles to choose from if you are full figured.

Pencil skirt – is great for most figures. Women who are larger on top than bottom may be able to wear a straight skirt with a tailored jacket very well. A pencil skirt is slimming to the hips, and a very feminine look that can be worn daytime to evening in a flash since it can be paired with so much. Tailored or straight skirts are usually a little more problematic for fuller figures. Remember we want to show off our most flattering features.

Long, full, flowy skirt – If you are pear shaped, these can be a good look for you. If paired with a tighter fitting top (Untucked of course) the completed look can be very flattering.

Mini skirt –I would stay away from this look if your legs were showing cellulite. Plus-size women can wear shorter skirts but should be careful to keep clothing proportioned.

A-line skirt - Most plus-size women can wear A-line skirts in flowing fabrics. Women with large hips should look carefully at the skirt’s construction and should try it on in the store. It should fit comfortably and should not pull or strain at the seams, especially through the widest part of the hip line and the pocket.


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