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Plus Size Women's Sportswear Guide

Enjoy our Online Guide For Plus Size Sportswear!

Listen up ladies! Swimwear season is just around the corner! Now is the time to think ahead to that toned beach body, which means now is the time get motivated for "workout" mode. In my experience, the two biggest motivators in keeping my workouts consistent are trying out fun, new activities and wearing great looking and feeling sportswear while doing it.

Here are a few suggestions to bring fresh ideas to your workouts and comfort and cuteness to your plus size sportswear. You can jazz up any gym sportswear with just a few simple changes. By wearing a slightly loose top, you can add a fitted belt around the waist to emphasise your shape With some studs or gems sewn on, plain wrist sweat bands can be made to look like funky bracelets. If you still want to wear rings without spoiling your wedding ring or your nice jewellery, you can always wear casual accessories, which still makes you look girly. There is always room to bring accessories your sports gear.

Try yoga. Center your mind while shaping and toning your "bod". For a plus-size figure, wear fitted pants or capris with very little flare to the cuff. A top with extra length will help you feel more comfortable when bending and stretching in all directions. Find clothing that includes cotton and spandex for an outfit that won't ride up or fall down. Some yoga pants fold over at the waist and may be adjusted based on body size and waist preference. For a larger frame, wear fitted pants that hit your navel for optimum comfort and visual appeal. Plus size yoga wear is also available at a slightly increased price.

Go walking or running. This is great as an individual activity or partner with someone who will encourage more out of you! In the winter months, layers will keep you warm. Running pants and tops can be purchased in moisture wick fabrics to keep you dry when working up a sweat. In warmer climates or in warmer months running shorts with a built-in panty can be purchased. Many of these shorts have hidden pockets for necessities like keys or lip balm. Look for running gear that includes elastic and/or a drawstring waist to tailor the fit for plus sized figure!

Hit a spinning class or get on your bike! These classes and certain trails are not for the faint of heart but are guaranteed to boost your cardio routine to the next level! If this is your idea of a good time, you'll want to invest in some spandex biking shorts that include lycra. Biking shorts have built-in padding in the rear to keep your rear ready for the next ride.

Swoosh your way down the slopes. It you live near winter recreation, utilize your surroundings! Snow and ski suits can be purchased in plus sizes and are definitely recommended for the larger frame. Take time to shop around for a good fit, as you'll not only look more tailored but will also stay warmer with the right fit. Since this may be a purchase you plan to make only once every number of years, find a solid color ski suit that looks smashing on you! Stay away from patterns or the latest trend, as they will quickly go out of style leaving you wishing for something more up-to-date.

Whatever your activity of choice, get out there and get moving in plus size womens sportswear that fit well and make you feel great! See you at the beach!


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